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Gold Hexagon Web Development

Cutting edge web development

For businesses seeking to build a website from scratch or develop an existing website with the highest degree of attention to technological innovation, robust cyber security and online marketing, Gold Hexagon provides a high quality solution.

When it comes to securing your digital assets, Gold Hexagon is able to ensure a thorough cyber security evaluation and to ensure all current and cutting edge security measures are fully implemented to secure your valuable business assets and information.

Cybersecurity landscape

Website Construction

Business websites built the right way, by experts in online technology, marketing and cyber security.

  • Domain Acquisition
  • Website Building and design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Cybersecurity Measures

Website Development

Developing existing websites and adding extra features intended to enhance online presence and credibility.

  • E-commerce Functionality
  • Cybersecurity Features
  • Systems Implementation

Gold Hexagon Reputation Management

Creating and protecting your brand online

Gold Hexagon is a specialist in using online technology to achieve branding objectives and business credibility.

We have guided businesses in using the internet to build a powerful brand from scratch and achieved significant and measurable results.

For established brands and businesses, Gold Hexagon uses innovative techniques and proven systems to achieve branding goals and promotional initiatives.

When it comes to protecting your business reputation and credibility, our online reputation management approach is methodical and robust, including when a crisis arises that harms your business reputation.

Futuristic branding

Brand Launch

Ensure a new brand is set up efficiently in order to create a strong initial online presence that will have an edge in terms of visibility and credibility.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming Strategy and Selection
  • Domain Acquisition
  • Website Construction
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Optimal Setup
  • Social Media Initial Growth
  • Digital PR
  • Initial SEO

Brand Campaign

Expert systems for existing brands that want to use technology to expand their online reach or promote a new product or part of their brand.

  • Online Brand Evaluation
  • Brand Campaign Strategy
  • SEO for Brand Campaign
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Digital PR
  • Google and Facebook Ad Management


Analysing and optimising the online reputation of your business, a key part of a robust branding strategy, to ensure your credibility remains high.

  • Online Reputation Evaluation
  • Web Evaluation for Reputation Management
  • Online Reputation Management Strategy
  • SEO for Reputation Management
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Technical Analysis
  • Crisis Management

Gold Hexagon Marketing

Online sales

Growth hacking for leads and sales

Gold Hexagon has a wealth of expertise, experience and technological knowledge that it uses to successfully generate leads for businesses by using the most powerful Search Engine Optimisation strategies, ingeniously managed online advertising campaigns, expert social media growth and realistic business advice.

These measures have led to an impressive track record of increasing sales and on many occasions being pivotal in the expansion and growth of previously struggling businesses.

For innovative startups, Gold Hexagon has assisted in securing investment by providing honest advice on the investability of the business and presenting them to investors.

Whilst working with individuals and public figures, Gold Hexagon uses its unique systems to significantly increase online exposure and followers with the utmost attention to personal brand and online reputation.


Lead Generation

Use your website and or social media to get more leads and make more sales.

  • Website Evaluation
  • Online Lead-Generation Strategy
  • SEO for Lead-Generation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Website Analytics
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Social Media Management

Fund Raising

Showcase your business as an investable opportunity for potential backers.

  • Investment Strategy Evaluation
  • Website Evaluation
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • SEO for Exposure to Investors
  • Showcasing Businesses to Suitable Investors

Online Visibility

For individuals wanting maximum exposure and followers for their online portfolio.

  • Online and Social Media Presence Evaluation
  • Social Media Management for Maximum Growth
  • Website and Online Portfolio Building
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Digital PR
  • SEO for Portfolio Exposure
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Website Analytics

Gold Hexagon Cybersecurity

Hacker at a terminal

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

A key part of ensuring the proper functioning of your digital assets and ultimately of the ongoing success of your business, is adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity. It is our firm belief that all businesses should have a cybersecurity strategy that is reviewed and updated regularly.

Gold Hexagon guides businesses, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, through the creation of a strategy and all the measures, both with regard to technical and digital elements of the organisation as well as in terms of staff training and awareness – we are uniquely conscious that system vulnerabilities exist not only on a technical but also on a human level.

Where a cybersecurity attack or crisis is occurring, we gather a crisis team of technical experts guided by a security strategist, to limit damage, resolve the issue and prevent such issues from occurring in the future.



Protecting websites from external attacks with the best online security measures.

  • Expert Vulnerability Evaluation
  • Resolution of Security Issues
  • Crisis Management
  • System Hardening

Gold Hexagon Blockchain Services

Blockchain Growth Hacking

Businesses in the blockchain industry will benefit from the same high quality, powerful services but with the benefit of a wealth of targeted knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of technological developments and were therefore some of the first marketers to embrace the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

We have work with a number of businesses in the industry both leading up to ICOs and afterwards, to create a buzz, encourage token retention among investors and enhance reputation and credibility in what remains a highly speculative and often misunderstood industry.

This emerging technology is also one of particular interest to many of the investors in the Gold Hexagon Investor Network and as such, we assist both investors and promising blockchain startups to achieve their funding and investment goals.


Gold Hexagon Investor Network


Exciting opportunities for startups and seed investors

Gold Hexagon is in the privileged position of being in regular contact and providing business advice to innovative tech and non-tech startups seeking investment.

Joining our investors area means we will be in a position to share these exciting opportunities as well assisting in assessing business viability from a technological point of view.

  • Receive exclusive information about exciting startups looking for investment
  • Technological and online due diligence on prospective investment opportunities
  • An investor profile on our sites to enhance your online visibility and personal branding as an investor

Contact the team

Highly experienced team of professionals

Our team of highly experienced digital professionals is ready to overcome any obstacles that you may be facing in the fields of branding and credibility, creating more sales, website and cybersecurity. We are also keen to have investors on board to join our network to help fledgling tech startups make an impact on the world.

About Gold Hexagon

Alexander Aranda is one of the foremost experts in SEO and digital marketing in the UK. He has acquired his knowledge and refined his craft by working in the industry for two decades and routinely imparts his knowledge through lectures and keynotes in digital marketing as well as providing advanced training for others in the field. He has a love of web development and software design as well as being a keen advocate for cyber security initiatives, blockchain development and harnessing talent in business and technology.

Alexander Aranda UK, London
The River Thames, London

Gold Hexagon

Gold Hexagon is an online business technology company founded by the leading digital marketer, Alexander Aranda, that specialises in website development, digital marketing and cybersecurity.

Gold Hexagon is made up of some of the most talented and knowledgeable technical specialists in the sector and has achieved impressive results for businesses by using the internet to significantly increase followers and sales, protect and improve online reputation and hamper cybersecurity attacks.

Why Gold Hexagon?

The hexagon is a shape that is highly valued and utilised both in engineering and in the natural world (think of a honeycomb) and is representative of the company’s love of the technical yet highly creative and innovative approach to their work.

Hexagons can be placed together to create hexagonal grids in a more efficient and structurally stable manner than any other shape and this reflects our philosophy of maintaining a high degree of efficiency and accuracy in our work. The colour gold is symbolic of the commitment to creating prosperity and business success as well as the aim of giving businesses a winning edge over competitors.

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